Blue Moon Ceremony 🌑

This powerful full moon is all about releasing, intention setting & change 

The key is to be intentional with everything you do for the next couple of hours.

♥️ Open the ceremony by calling in all your guides, ancestors & angels and cleanse all the spaces and ingredients you are going to use.

♥️ Put love songs on and sing them to yourself whilst preparing yourself a home cooked meal. Speak your intention of nourishing yourself & your body into your food.

♥️ Yoni steam again speak your intention into your herbs. To release all energy in the womb space that you are ready to clear. Place your hands on your womb and tap into the messages she holds.

♥️ Spiritual Bath. Put your bath ingredients in and state your intention out loud.

♥️ Cream / Massage yourself in the mirror. Slowly & intentionally. Speak love into your body, thank her for all she does, focus on the parts you find the most difficult to love and release the shame you hold over these areas. Take your time with this.

♥️ Intentional Self Pleasure. Use your sexual energy to release any blockages. This is a powerful tool. Take your time and slowly touch yourself, speaking love into yourself and your body (imagine how you would want your partner to. And do these for yourself) As your sexual energy builds imagine a bright orange light entering your Yoni and clearing each chakra. Use your breath to pull the energy up deepening and slowing your breath (this is also magic for an intense orgasm)

And only once you‘ve reached your crown chakra allow yourself to climax.

It’s completely normal to feel upset afterwards our sexual energy allows us to penetrate blockages we can’t usually tap into. Allow your emotions to flow.

♥️ Meditation -allow any emotions that this ceremony has stirred rise to the surface. Sit with them. Thank them. Release them.

♥️ Write down on two separate pieces of paper. 1) what you are ready to release 2)your intentions for moving forward.

♥️ Now burn both lists separately. It’s always handy to pay attention to how the pages burn as its an indication of how ready we are to call in or release the things in the pages.

 ♥️ Close the ceremony by thanking all your angles, guides & ancestors ♥️

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